Monday, August 12, 2013

One little monkey jumping on the bed...

Last Friday, I put her in her play yard so I could get her bottle ready.  (These days, she's so mobile, there are only a few places I can put her and be sure she doesn't go after a dog toy or get into any other trouble.  It's a rotation between the bouncer, play yard, and high chair)  We haven't lowered her crib or play yard yet but I knew it was time because during her earlier nap (or failed nap rather) I found her with arms hanging over the rail...yikes!  So as I got her bottle ready, she had pulled herself up in the play yard and had her arms and head peering over the edge.  I thought, there's no way she can climb over.  I was right, she couldn't climb over, but she was able to push her legs, reach, and slide out head first.  I couldn't get there in time =\.  Her first big fall and she handled it quite well--better than me!  No bruise either!  Needless to say, both play yard and crib are now lowered because we've got a little monkey on our hands!

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