Monday, September 23, 2013

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Bambino finally learned how to clap!  She does it very enthusiastically, a lot of times randomly, when she's happy, hungry, and even when she's frustrated.  The most surefire way to get her to clap is of course to start singing, "If you're happy and you know it...".  She'll drop what she's doing and start clapping.  As hubs eagerly pointed out, "just like Pavlov's dog!"...

Happy 10 months to my ball of sunshine!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast

Picked up the Bambino from daycare after not seeing her for 4 days and she was elated to see me!  She still remembers me...Phew!  After just 4 days, she's noticeably changed so much already.  Her hair looks longer (bald spot just almost covered!), she's babbling new sounds, and she was able to pull herself up to standing with very little support from me.  Sigh....they grow up so fast... I don't know if I want to leave her again next month when we go to Wisconsin/ Chicago for a wedding.  What if she starts walking?!


First trip without the bambino!!  It was a big deal in multiple ways.  I don't think we thought through the logistics of leaving a baby somewhere other than home (i.e. how much crap we'd have to bring over to grandparents' home) and also since I'm still breastfeeding, how often I'd have to still pump while vacationing.  Also, leaving a baby at such a young age (9.5 months), we could've missed a monumental milestone!!  Overall though, I think everything went fairly smoothly.  I think my parents has her figured out now so that next time (in just another month!) it will be easy peasy...or as easy peasy as caring for an infant can be.  Although we missed the bambino a lot during our trip, I'm really not sure how we would've been able to do anything if we had brought her.  Sorry Avi, but until you tone down your screaming and be a little more chill sitting and sleeping in your stroller, we can't take you on trips!  (that is, until Mar 2014 when we go to Colorado for your auntie's wedding)  We got back from SF late last night so we weren't able to pick up Avi.  Grandma (Ba`) took her to daycare this morning so we still haven't seen her yet.  I can't wait to see you bambino!  I hope you still recognize me!!

  Just a few necessities for 4 days at grandparents' house.  
The back seat had to be put down and Avi is not in the car.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clinging on...

Lately Avi's been exceptionally clingy to me.  Like Hubs has been having to pry her off me, esp when she's cranky.  When I sit down to play with her, she just wants to climb on me and have me hold her.  All this attention is flattering but makes it difficult for me to do anything!  Sometimes I have to hide from her so that she can continue to play and I can go do what I need to do.
When we went to look at daycares for the bambino, we saw some kids sleeping with their butt way up in the air and we thought that was the funniest (and strangest) sleep position ever.  Who knew, now Avi has taken a liking to that position too!!  How can one fall asleep like that?!