Sunday, September 21, 2014

At 21 months...

  • She knows her colors very well! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and pink!
  • She can feed herself with a spoon/ fork fairly well but doesn't like to use it all the time. 
  • She recognizes "circle" and "triangle", and "heart"
  • Her tantrums are back, with a vengeance :/
  • She climbs up the stairs well
  • She LOVES grapes--morning, day, and night
  • She loves saying "hi" and "bye-bye" to everyone probably because she likes the response she gets
  • She's been extra clingy.  Day care drop offs some days have been quite tearful. 
  • She counts "two, three, four". Can't seem to get her to say "one"!
  • She enjoys playing with her kitchen and stuffed animals (esp her pink Ralph Lauren bear and stuffed dog Violet)
  • I've experimented with time outs with her a few times before and it was met with a lot of crying  however lately when I threaten " do you want time out?!" She says " yes".  Ok...."go over there and look at the wall". She walks over to the wall, sits down and plays.  Fail!
  • She hits and kicks me a lot because she thinks it's funny and if I get mad she thinks it's even funnier =/
  • I'm thinking she would love a baby doll to play with at this age. She would also love a tricycle. 
  • She's loves Elmo (discovered him on her Pampers diapers Sesame Street characters)
  • She also loves Hello Kitty ("kee-dee") because she has three hello kitty tshirts handed down from cousin Kate 
  • She enjoys watching her "Patty Shukla" videos on my iPhone and iPad. She also knows how to use the touch screen to choose the different videos. 
  • She can open doors (noooo!!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

At 20 months...

  • She can say a few phrases! First phrase: "sit down"
  • She's starting to be more interested in using a spoon/fork to feed herself and getting better at getting the food into her mouth
  • bought her a potty, thinking about starting potty training but so far struggling with keeping her sitting on the toilet.  Most of the time she announces her poop after it's already done.  
  • She can say her name! 
  • She is interested in playing pretend with her stuffed animals i.e. Turn them tummy side down and pat them to sleep, brushing their teeth, or take them to the bath
  • She can imitate a lot of words
  • She kinda knows her colors. Sometimes she is spot on and other times, completely off. 
  • The last four five days have been tantrum free (major ones at least). I hope this means she's turned a new leaf!!
  • I feel like she's becoming less baby-like, more kid-like. Baby is growing up too fast!! 
  • Went to Flemings for a prime rib steak dinner and she was so loud that the manager asked us to keep the baby quiet. How do you quiet a baby that's being loud because she's happy?!?
  • Says "nak-now" for "yogurt"...(kinda sounds like "not now")
  • She got an infection from a mosquito bite on her face.  It spread to her eye area.  She had to take Clindamycin 9ml, three times a day for 10 days!!  It was awful for her and for me.  I shortened it to 7 days, two times a day.