Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost 17 months

At almost 17 months....

  • She says 'buh' for please, 'na' for milk, 'nana' for banana
  • She can point to the correct places when asked, "where are your ears, nose, mouth"
  • She makes sounds "bzz" for bees, "bok bok" for chicken, "vvvv" for car
  • She loves to try to brush her hair or your hair
  • She sometimes is cooperative when I try to brush her teeth and other times it's struggle
  • She likes to hold the phone on the side of her head (not at the ear) and say gibberish 
  • She loves her shoes and is obsessed with going outside. I usually have to hang out with her a little bit outside before she will go in her car seat. 
  • She likes to hold my hand to walk around outside 
  • She likes to smell flowers
  • She also likes to pull the petals off the rose bushes in the front yard 
  • She loves to run (walk fast) towards me with a huge smile when I pick her up from school 
  • She had her first ear infection at 16 months. We didn't know she had one and it festered for so long that it wasn't til it burst and started to smell that we realized something was wrong.  Poor baby!!
  • She talks a lot of gibberish 
  • She understands the majority of what I say to her
  • She's been sleeping and waking up later (8pm - 630/745 am)!
  • She loves to eat bananas.  She eats them every morning and sometimes for lunch and dinner too!  Sometimes I think she's a monkey because she also persistently makes a sound that resembles a monkey when she wants something.
  • She is very impatient especially when it comes to being fed 
  • She finally moved up to the toddler class at her school!  (April 7 official first full day) She cried a lot the first week when I dropped her off in the classroom but today I handed her over to the lead teacher and she held her arms out willingly!
  • She enjoys the Children's Musuem and discovered how fun a slide can be
  • She likes to say "uh-ooh" , just for fun
  • She experienced her first snow in Colorado.  She liked the actual snow but didn't like walking in it...too unstable for a new walker I suppose.  She enjoyed sledding too!
  • She had her first allergic reaction to what we still don't know but she broke out in a rash and her hands, feet, and face swelled up over the course of  2 days. It occurred on the day we left Colorado. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Post bday

It's been 2 months since my last post and for babies development that's like 2 years!  After 6 months of trying to get A to sign, one week after her first birthday it finally clicked!  She can sign for "more" and eventually signed for "milk", and "all done".

  • At 14 months she finally took her first few steps.  She's very cautious and prefers to just sit down and crawl
  • Her first official word by 14 months is dog.  She can point to a dog and say "dog" (dah!) and when asked what sound does the dog make, she's says "woof woof" (heh heh).   Technically her first word was probably "dada" but "dog" is more unbiased.  (Why won't she say mama?!?  She prefers my arms over anyone else's anytime but she refuses to say mama!!)
  • Started to get her first primary molars