Monday, August 19, 2013

Hi Avi!

I've been saying "Hi Avi!" very enthusiastically and waving my hand like a total dork for the past few days because I realized she's able to mimic me now!  She's not quite as adept as I am.  Her waves, her give-me-fives, and her hand smacking on the table look pretty similar but I promise you her responses are not coincidental!

An update on the sleep training: She's just as sporadic as she was when our sleep train goal was 9 hours.  She did 10 hours w/o a sound, then 11 hours w/o a sound, and then took a few steps back and woke up after 9 hours and every hour after that.  She likes to vary it to keep us on our toes.  
We plan to go to SF for a wedding in September and our plan was to take her with us.  However, she's been especially difficult to take out lately and very stubborn about sticking to her bedtime (7pm).  Last weekend we went to eat for lunch.  We didn't time it well and it ended up being close to naptime.  Boy was that a mistake.  After a lot of loud screaming and people staring, we had to have get our order to-go and hubby had to take her outside while I waited for our food to be packed up.  In addition to this, SF is 2 hours the math...she will start getting cranky around 3 pm...blegh. 

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