Wednesday, April 15, 2015

At 26 months...

  • My baby is practically potty trained (number 1 only) without a whole lot of effort!! *knock on wood*.  After having her potty sitting in the bathroom for months unused, she started to be more interested, especially going when I'm also going...whatever works!  Then this past weekend she just figured it out. She only wet her diaper after her naps.  (She also had to go in the middle of the super bowl Katy Perry half time show...interruptions like that is the reason why I'm not all that eager to potty train).  It also helps that she can hold her pee for-EVER which is becoming a problem at school because she refuses to use the potty at school if her teacher takes her and she only wets her diaper either after her nap or sometimes not til 5pm when she absolutely can't hold it anymore.  That's 8+ hours without peeing!!! This can't be good for her bladder.  I'm also afraid she's going to hold in her poops too because so far she seems more comfortable going in her diaper (one successful poop in potty) and if she won't pee at school there's no way she's going to want to poop there!
  • *update* starting feb 9th, she's been going to school in underwear...and she's okay with using the potty at school, in fact she actually likes it so much she's asking to go all the time even when she doesn't need to!  She's had a few accidents at home but for the most part she is pee-trained but not poop trained (argh) and only wears diapers at night.
  • After four weeks of crying and resistance in her new class, she finally had a break through. She still pines for "shell tina" (ms. Michelle and ms Katrina) but no crying or screaming!
  • She's been very resistant to going to bed. Bed time routine is getting drawn out and she cries/whines when I'm about to leave the room.
  • She seems to be thriving in her new class. She's repeating a lot of what she learns at home. She can sing most letters of the alphabet song. She's learning some letter sounds.   
  • She's using "I" more often and saying more complex phrases/sentences like "no snack, eat dinner soon" or used the word "yesterday"
  • She likes strawberries now. 
  • She likes cereal with milk and eats it fairly neatly 
  • She likes to sing " happy birthday Isabella!"  Apparently everyday is her classmate Isabella's birthday!
  • In addition to counting 1-10 she also knows 11,12,13
  • She can articulate words in songs she's been hearing all two years of her life now.  She can sing Twinkle Little Star in its entirety and the Alphabet song up to the part that says "now I know my abcs...".  She likes singing Five Little Monkeys.
  • She loves playing with her cousins Kate and Max and can finally somewhat communicate with Kate. 
  • She enjoys bounce houses now which makes her mommy nervous.
  • After 7 weeks being in Ms. Netasha's class, she can happily walk into her class. 

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