Sunday, May 10, 2015

At 27 & 28 months...

  • her mommy is getting behind in her posts as Avi is growing up so fast and her mommy can't keep up!
  • She talks non stop.  She has a comment or question about every noise, thing, unusual or common, whether she knows the answer to it or not.  "what's that?" "what avi doing?" "mommy driving?"
  • She uses pronouns! He, she, you, I  !
  • Completely 24/7 potty trained!!  After 1.5 months with poop accidents every other day I got so frustrated with her because it seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing...and after that day, it was a breaking point and she hasn't had an accident since.  We also stopped night diapers starting April even though she was really ready several weeks earlier.  You would think after 12 hours of not peeing, she'd be rushing to the potty in the morning but nope, not with her super-bladder!  She usually wants to eat breakfast first and then go pee.  
  • I'm trying to grow out her bangs so that I don't have to worry about trimming them all the time.  Its easier now that she let's me tie back her bangs  
  • She likes saying hi to everyone she sees.  This does not necessarily mean she's outgoing though because she still gets all shy and clingy initially when we are in certain crowds (like to my aunts house).  Her outgoing-ness is quite unpredictable and I can't figure it out yet!  She has a school graduation performance coming up in May and all the teachers are raving about what a great dancer she is and how she's  really into the singing and dancing but I'm unsure how she's going to be on the big day being in front of an audience of strangers  
  • Her teacher, Ms. Netasha told me her smile is so infectious.  "It just makes you happy when you see her smile".  That is one of the nicest comments a mom could ever hear.  She's also said 
  • Avi is really easy.  I.e. Easy to sleep, easy to eat, easy with work time.  When Avi comes to school she thinks "yay Avi is here!"  Whereas some kids she thinks, "oh...."  Her words, not mine!
  • I would say she's easy too.  Minus the tantrums here and there (which aren't that often anymore) and the disobedience (acts like she doesn't hear me) I'm thankful that she's a good eater and isn't too picky, that she sleeps on her own and doesn't wake up til 730/8 and usually just rolls around in her crib til I come get her, and that she now plays on her own well
  • She can put on her own shoes and occasionally can get on a sock
  • She can put on pants and underwear if you set it in the right direction for her
  • I think she is a little OCD and her teacher sees it too. She likes to wash her hands at school a lot. Dirtiness bothers her. I took her to HEB's Easter egg hunt and after much convincing, she let them face paint her but after a few minutes of the paint on her face, she became kinda panicky wanting to "wipe off".  I put a play tattoo in her arm and a few hours later she insisted on removing it.  She freaked out when she walked in sand at the beach in her flip flops.  Open drawers bother her so much, she will walk past one, turn back and shut it. 
  • She is much more in tune with her senses--complains if the water is too hot or too cold, complains of smells being "stinky"

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