Wednesday, February 4, 2015

At 25 months...

  • So I guess when a toddler turns 2, is when most people stop counting the months cuz for the first time, we completely missed her "month" birthday!  It went by for a few days before I realized it. Does this officially make her not a baby anymore? Does this mean I should discontinue these "at __ months" posts? 
  • She moved up to the next class with Ms. Netasha after the winter holidays!  She's rolling with the big kids now! The classroom has a potty and a lot of kids in there are potty trained so I'm hoping she will be more interested in using it.  She's been showing signs that she's ready--telling me her diaper is wet, not wanting to sit down if she has poop in her diaper, trying to take off her pants, occasionally sitting on the potty for minutes at a time. *update* she successfully peed twice in the potty!!
  • It's been over a week in Ms. Natasha's class and she still cries dramatically when I drop her off.   (But only for a minute says the teacher. The rest of the day she's great)
  • She's obsessed with acorn, pecans, and sticks (tree branches). She picks them and hangs on to them. She insisted on bringing them to school one day and gets upset if she can't find them. 
  • She can count from 1-10 in English and Vietnamese!  How did she learn the vietnamese you ask? Every night when it's bath time, I always make a big hoopla about marching upstairs and I march her upstairs counting "mot, hai, ba...all the way to muoi". It's been going on for a few months now without much response from her but her speech has become a lot better lately so everything she's heard for a long time now is starting to click.  She likes to count things, not comprehending that when you count, you're not supposed to count the same thing over and over again until you reach ten.  Now if only I can be repetitive about everything else I know in Vietnamese, then she can be Vietnamese proficient! 
  • After months of trying so hard to jump off the ground, we finally have lift off--a whole two inches off the ground!
  • She really loves to get her groove on. Anytime she hears some catchy music she is up stomping her feet and shaking side to side. 
  • I didn't think she was adept enough to try chopsticks yet but after seeing a video of her friend Audrey do it, I figured I'd let her try and sure enough, she did it surprisingly well!

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