Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At 24 months...

  • she says some broken sentences. "Cat, bite, feet" (a black cat she was smitten with at the nature discovery center tried to bite her and then coincidentally she also got a blister on her foot from her shoe and ever since then, the scab that formed from the blister is where the cat bit her)
  • I heard her use "I" and "me" once. Otherwise, she still doesn't realize what "you" means and says "mama feed you" when she means for me to feed her. 
  • An update on what she eats now: 5oz 1%milk at each meal, still pack her 3 snacks to schools which sometimes she eats all of it and sometimes not. Vegetables that she likes now is broccoli, cauliflower and zuchini. She loves avocado. 
  • Her Auntie Boogie gave her a doll for her bday and she loves it. She insisted on taking "Baby" to school a couple of times. The baby's pacifier keeps falling out and she gets frustrated when she can't put it back in. 
  • She also enjoys her cutting fruit toy from her Auntie JoJo
  • We got her a tricycle/bike but it's a little too tall for her so she rides it occasionally on her tippy toes but since it's uncomfortable, doesn't enjoy it for long 
  • She can pretty much feed herself now so during breakfast I can usually get some things done while she's eating. 
  • She can count from 1-10!! It's not consistent but she's done it a few times.  She also recognizes the number zero. 
  • She's learning some letter sounds in school. When I say "m-m-m-momma". She says "m-m-m-Avi".  She's so hilarious. 
  • Her preference for me over daddy has become very dramatic. While it does make it harder on me (I have to bathe her, feed her, change her, play with her...etc), I do feel bad for Daddy. Sometimes he can't even look at her without her whining "daddy" (in a tattling manner).  

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