Tuesday, August 5, 2014

At 19 months...

  • She is using her words more often!  (like, "sit", "down", "cheerios")
  • Please now finally sounds like "peas" instead of "buh", and Yes is actually "yes" instead of "da"
  • Her kisses are more traditional kisses.  (No more open mouthed "buhs")
  • She can give hugs
  • She is difficult taking out to restaurants because she won't sit in her high chair for long and wants to wander everywhere
  • She is getting pickier with what she eats--likely because all the other kids at school get junk for snacks
  • She averages about 5 tantrums every morning getting ready for school 
  • We're trying to get her to use a spoon but usually ends up banging the spoon and using her other hand to eat

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