Wednesday, May 21, 2014

17 months

At 17 months...

  • She is starting to imitate words better. "Tuk" for truck, "ma" for Max, "buh" for bus 
  • Throws tantrums i.e. Lies down screaming, banging head on ground (but oh so slowly and carefully)
  • Likes to wipe things like the floor or hers or your mouth
  • Likes walking around outside and lets go of my hand more often now
  • Can say "no" but for the most part just shakes her head 
  • Says "da" for yes ( I think bc I say yea? a lot )
  • Transitioning to one nap a day
  • Can say "bah!-boh" for bubbles 
  • Went to uncle Hai and aunt Maisie's wedding and did great!
  • Threw up for the first time, after the wedding, all over mommy. Had a little too much fun...(and she was sick). 
  • Can stay up much later. Bedtime is now 8/830
  • Can say "má-tewww" for Matthew, her long time nursery class buddy
  • Can say "téd-deee" for Teddy and "dá-dee" for daddy
Her vocabulary has grown so much this whole 17th month!  We've had a lot of those, did she just imitate that word almost perfectly?? Apparently she knows the names of all her classmates and teachers (identify, not verbally).  Her teachers keep saying how smart she is but I hesitate to play into all the accolades. I don't want to have exceeding expectations and then have her fall short of them. Is that wrong??!  I've always believed in aiming just average, that way if you exceed that, you'll feel better about yourself.  I know it contradicts every motivational speaker out there, but it's a motto that's worked out pretty well for myself. 

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