Friday, November 22, 2013

One More Day!!

Bambino's first birthday and party day is in one day!!  I know she's excited.  I can see it in her eyes...and screams...  All the decor I've been busy planning and making are starting to materialize (in other words,  house is a mess).  I will post about the entire party, including decor, cake, DIYs (note to self: need to take lots of pics to document!), but not til after I have a breather after the party is over.

My friend's baby is 6 weeks older than Avi, but she can say so many words already.  It's not that I need Avi to be caught up but I just think it'd be so much nicer than trying to decipher which screams mean what.  So when my friend said she "made" her baby talk, it dawned on me that I just need to "make" Avi talk with some tough love.  First mission, the word "more", as in "more" Cheerios.  After trying to refrain from giving her more of her beloved Cheerios unless she said something along the lines of "mm-mm", she started saying, "mm-mm"!!  It worked after only one eating session!  Now I just have to keep working at it so that she can be consistent.  In the meantime, still lots of screaming and banging hands.

Side note, I think my bambino is the cutest baby ever with the most squishable cheeks.  They are so soft and bouncy to kiss!  I don't think I'm biased at!

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