Monday, October 7, 2013


Not all "firsts" are good firsts.  Avi baby got her first eye infection this week in her right eye.  The same eye that has had the clogged duct that I've been hoping would unclog as she got bigger but it hasn't unclogged and probably made her more prone to getting the infection.  I guess surgery will be inevitable...we'll have to see at her 12 month check up.  The good thing is her eye doesn't seem to bother her at all but maybe her runny nose and cough is cuz she's been waking up an hour earlier than she usually does (6am instead of 7am).  Once she feels better, a little sleep training refresher may be needed.
Some positive firsts: she can pull up to standing with ease now.  She can also go from crawling to sitting position.  I caught her unsuccessfully trying to climb to standing in her crib so hubs lowered the crib to the final lowest setting.  She's attending her first birthday party this weekend.  Her friend Audrey is turning 1!
Still waiting for her to say "mama" ...

**Update: She can pull up to standing in her crib easily now and I see why those teething rails are necessary...little chipmunk! =)

Still in good spirits even with an eye infection and a cold

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